Here’s Why You Want To
Vote Mike Roth For Sheriff!

  • No More Policing for Revenue: No more paying officers to spend their time getting highway ticket revenue. My officers will enforce constitutional laws that protect La Paz County citizens.
  • End Nepotism and Cronyism: No more back door deals, buddy-buddy enforcement or familial hiring practices. I’ll drain the swamp and keep the good people who serve the county’s interests — not just theirs and their friend’s.
  • Reasonable Enforcement: No more clogging up the courts with “small amount” felony possessions, victimless crimes, and unconstitutional Civil Asset Forfeiture.
  • Increase Officer Accountability: No more questionable arrests. No more arrests without investigations.
  • More Transparency: I’ll create a community website or Facebook page, propose free digital records requests via email and live stream weekly transparency broadcasts on government’s activities.
  • GUARANTEED 2nd Amendment Protection: Since becoming one of Arizona’s 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties, I feel we need free weekly gun cleaning and safety classes, and I’d support a community or high school shooting team. I will not enforce any red flag gun laws!
  • Promote Education over Enforcement: I’ll bring back the warning ticket, require professional development and constitutional law classes for all sheriff employees, and enforce a stop-and-talk, rather than a stop-and-ticket protocol.
  • Constitution-Based Law: No more unconstitutional checkpoints, seizures or searches.
  • I’ll Build Stronger Community Relations: I’ll deputize all qualified citizens and create a Civilian Review Board that oversees officer complaints.
  • I’ll Be The Most Affordable Sheriff In La Paz County: I’ll decline the state’s pension plan, and in my last year in office, I’ll work for donations.
  • Healthy Sheriff’s Department: I’ll offer healthy lunches for all on-the-clock employees, as well as fitness, yoga, acupuncture, and meditation sessions for the entire department.

To learn more, call Mike Roth now at (480) 236 6764

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Vote Mike Roth for Sheriff 2020

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Vote Mike Roth for Sheriff 2020