I’m Mike Roth, and I’m planning a whole new outlook for La Paz County

I’ve fought La Paz County’s backwater politics since 2007, and I’ve won a dozen times over. In that time I’ve realized that the reason this county continues to have problems is because the same old cronies keep hiring the same old cronies. If you want bad leaders, promote those who’ve learned all the same bad habits. If you want good leadership, hire someone that doesn’t have current ties to the bad leaders. If you want a bad sheriff, promote a bad cop like every year before. If you want a good sheriff, stop promoting bad cops. Simply put, if you want to make a difference, be the change you want to see in the world.

I’m here to end the cycle of garbage-in / garbage-out. The only way to have a healthy body is to have a healthy mind — and vice versa. To have fully functioning law enforcement that works for the people, you have to have a healthy relationship with the community. You need healthy officers, communicative sheriffs and a transparent system of leadership. That’s what I’ll deliver to the citizens of La Paz County.

If I’m elected, everyone who serves under me will not just be accountable to me. They’ll be accountable to you. No more stop-and-ticket revenue-generation for non-violent crimes or minor violations. No more unconstitutional civil asset forfeitures. Any officer whose body-camera footage “disappears” after a questionable arrest will be terminated on the spot. This is how you clean out the grime from the cogs in the machine.

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