“Dump the Good Ol’ Boy Politics in La Paz County.”

“I’ll deputize citizens and involve the community, refuse the state pension fund and stop all unconstitutional enforcement for ALL citizens of La Paz County!”

Mike Roth for Sheriff

  • Revenue Policing: No more paying officers to spend their time getting highway ticket revenue. My officers will enforce constitutional laws that protect La Paz County Citizens.
  • Nepotism and Cronyism: No more back door deals, buddy-buddy enforcement or familial hiring practices. I’ll clean house and keep the good people who serve the county’s interests — not just theirs and their friend’s.
  • Reasonable and Defensible Enforcement: No more clogging up the courts with “small amount” felony possessions, victimless crimes and unconstitutional Civil Asset Forfeiture.
  • Officer Accountability: Professional development for all officers, community awareness briefings on all criminal and traffic stops, and on the spot terminations for “lost body/patrol camera footage” during questionable arrests.
  • Transparency: I’ll post daily Sheriff’s Office activity logs to the community website or Facebook page, offer free digital records requests via email, and live stream weekly transparency broadcasts updating residents on their government’s activities.
  • 2nd Amendment protection: I’ll deputize citizens and form local constitutional citizen chapters, offer free weekly gun cleaning and safety classes and bring back the community or high school shooting team.
  • Education over Enforcement: I’ll bring back the warning ticket, require professional development and constitutional law classes for all sheriff employees and enforce a stop-and-talk, rather than a stop-and-ticket protocol.
  • Constitutional Law: No more unconstitutional check points, seizures or searches. No more “missing evidence” cases. No more arrests without investigations.
  • Healthy Department: I’ll offer free healthy lunches for all on-the-clock employees, as well as fitness, yoga and meditation sessions for the entire department.
  • Stronger Community Relations: I’ll deputize legal residents who can volunteer in a town posse or Citizen Task Force, create a Civilian Review Board that oversees community interaction, and create prisoner programs that incentivize involvement in opportunities and creative outlets.
  • Government Pay Weaning: I’ll decline the state’s pension plan, and in my last year in office, I’ll work for donations.

Education Over Enforcement

These are my plans for La Paz county.

Building Strong Leadership Starts with the Community

“I want to build a stronger community. Better law enforcement means a safer community. A community that trusts its law enforcement makes a safer environment for cops. “

Educating Community

Constitution and Gun safety.

Vote Mike Roth for Sheriff 2020

And get the La Paz County we’re supposed to have.

Other issues discussed

If you have other issues you would like to have discussed, please send a message.

Highway Revenue

Focus on neighborhoods.

Victimless crimes

Less Court trials.

No Road blocks

No Road blocks

Use your vote to dump the good ol’ boy politics!

Vote Mike Roth for Sheriff 2020

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