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As soon as I got this information from a victim on the CRIT Reservation, I immediately put this video together to show what’s really going on in this County and why the Establishment really, really, really  wants my opponent in. You see, my opponent is compromised. He’s got dirt all over himself and the powers that be want a guy like this so they can have their way with him.

Also, is this behavior something you want for the highest lawman in the County? Decide for yourself, and more information has recently been brought forward that shows La Paz County better know exactly what they are getting if they vote for my opponent. I’ll be putting that info out soon too.“

(Sorry for the perspiration on my shirt. It was hot that day and I had only an hour’s notice I had a camera and an operator in the area, so I decided to put together this quick video.)

Please share this with everyone you can around the La Paz County Area

Please share this video with everyone who has ever said my opponent’s bad behavior with young girls is in his past. It’s not. Quartzsite Police Department mirrors the sex fueled department he left behind at CRIT.

Is this the kind of man who deserves to be Sheriff? A man that has admitted to having sex with one of his officer’s girlfriends while on duty, isn’t fit for the job. A Chief that has sex with a young female officer (over half his age), an Officer he groomed for the position, sent to the Academy, we paid for that by the way, and then makes her another girlfriend, is this what we want for Sheriff, La Paz County?

The video below is an excellent presentation on why you want a Constitutional Sheriff, not a FBI Lover. The last thing La Paz County needs is more federal police training, and Quartzsite is a good example why!

Don’t promote Quartzsite Style Law Enforcement Countywide!!!

What’s it say when a retired La Paz County Sheriff and retired Army veteran endorses Mike Roth over the 20-year homegrown cop? Watch the video below.

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